Monday, September 30, 2013

Facts about Foxes

   Today, I asked the girls about foxes, but instead they talked about wolves. A wolf and a fox are two different species. Wolves are bigger than foxes and hunt big animals in packs, while foxes only prey on small mammals such as mice and rabbits at most. Also, they do not fight in packs although some subspecies are territorial.
  So, before I enter into the extreme detail of foxes, they are in the same family as wolves and dogs, but they do have a lot of differences. while we usually saw that wolves howl, foxes give a scream-like bark, a high-pitched scream, that sounds less than a dog's bark and more of a human shriek, which is weird. Gekkering is a quieter sound they do while they are in their territorial struggles, but it can get loud, and it  could be the cutest thing they have said.
   Facts aside, there is this funny song I saw lately, which is becoming viral. It is a song regarding the foxes. Enjoy, girls!

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