Thursday, September 5, 2013

New Books!

I just recieved the new books for our curriculum this year. After some quick planning, it seems that these bookss are much clearer than the ones we had before. Take a look:

Aim High is a 5 level book for learning English. In the official Oxford website, it mentions that this book is great for self-study as well. The official website also mentions online practice from the workbook CD, but we do not have that in our KSA version of the books. There is, however, the Audio CD in the student book, which we will listen to during the lessons.

My opinion on the Aim High book after a little while of lesson planning is that the lesson is rich. It has a lot to cover and also has a list of good vocabulary. Although it does seem packed with a lot, don't worry students! Each lesson is well organized and I feel that the themes of the units are great for building up knowledge on one topic. All in all, I feel that the stated objectives will be met at the end of the lesson with this book, and I look forward to finishing the entire book this year students! Keep Learning English!

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