Thursday, October 3, 2013


   Today, I was with the girls of third year secondary stage. In unit 2 lesson 1 of the book, the lesson about conversations sprouted an interesting comment from one of the girls.
   I asked her whether or not she thinks that conversations could solve all the problems of the world, and her answer was spectacular. She replied that sometimes you can solve the problem with a conversation, but others you shouldn't enter a conversation because it would not change their thinking nor solve the problem. It's true, and poachers especially should be stopped and punished for their actions which are destroying the world.  
   This very good video below shows some of the main things we all need to know about this endangered species. If we could throw away our greed and co-operate together along with the planet's ecosystem, then we could prevent a calamity. We should all unite, and poachers should raise their awareness to the reality they are bringing upon the planet.

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