Saturday, February 22, 2014

Happy Ticket improves learning

   This is a learning tool which I found to bear fruit in my classrooms. Unfortunately, I lost the original file for the high school, so I made a new one for the older students, who aren't convicted to so many rules.

   So, teachers, you might be wondering why a Happy Ticket would lighten up the mood of the classroom and increase their concentration. Well, based on my experience, all students like stickers. That's a fact, except for very slight differences, such as boys preferring color coding more commonly in learning than girls. 

   But to give a sticker there has to be an occasion, such as solving the homework correctly or excelling a quiz. However, what about the hard-working students who don't get the perfect marks? The Happy Tickets and Sad Tickets help to keep the classroom in shape and remain focused on having good manners and not disturbing others. The sad ticket is not with me at the moment, but below is the resource free to download and print. Make your classrooms more fun!

Keep Learning English!

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